XL AutoPot 12 Pot Kit

XL AutoPot 12 Pot Kit


The XL AutoPot 12 Pot Kit System is a completely automated drip feeding system using Aqua Valve Technology to provide your plants a consistence steady feed – promoting constant plant growth and development throughout their entire life cycle.

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XL AutoPot 12 Pot Kit Product Details:

The XL AutoPot is a simply 12 pot system that will give you incredible yields using Aqua Valve Technology – each plant controls their own irrigation to receive fresh nutrient enriched water as and when they need. This ensures a consistent steady feed – promoting constant plant growth and development throughout their entire life cycle.

As both the 25 litre pots and trays are modular you can easily space them out as the plants grow. Once you have setup your pots and trays – simply fill the reservoir and add nutrients – the system will do the rest providing an efficient and easy way to water your crops.

XL AutoPot System benefits include:

  • Heavier, healthier plants that get fresh feed when they need it
  • System can be left unattended for weeks – no more daily watering
  • 250 litre nutrient reservoir to provide fresh water to your plants
  • No electric required, timers or mains water supply
  • Environmentally sustainable as no water is lost

All XL AutoPot 12 Pot Kits come complete with:

  • 1x 250ltr Tank
  • 12x 1Pot trays & lids
  • 12x 25ltr pot
  • 12x AQUAvalve
  • 1x 6 metres of 6mm pipe
  • 12x marix disc
  • 12x root control disc
  • 1x 16mm click-fit tank adaptor & filter
  • 1x 8 metres of 16mm pipe
  • 2x 16mm in-line tap
  • 1x 16mm tee connector
  • 4x 16mm-6mm cross connector
  • 4x 16-6mm tee connector

How to Pot Up an AutoPot Pot

1. RCD – Root Control disc – can be placed in the below configurations:

a – RCD in pot face down

b – RCD in pot gold face down and RCD in tray gold face up

2. Fill the bottom of the pot 2.5 – 5cm with your medium of choice. ENSURE you do not fill any higher than 5cm.

3. You can use endless substrates mixtures and blends in your AutoPot. BUT it is vital that there is good air retention and capillary action, by mixing in clay pebbles/perlite into your base medium.

4. When potting up a plant into an AutoPot make sure it is established – then just water through the outside of the tray, until you see water draining from the bottom of the pot – then STOP, allowing the pot to drain for 15 minutes.

5. Once pots have drained wipe off bottoms and sides and then sit them into the AutoPot tray.

6. Do NOT switch the system on yet – its vital that you give your plants time to establish and depending on your growing environment they may not need watering again for another 5 – 10 days. Once your plants have rooted then it’s time to turn on the system (lifting your pots will indicate this). Monitor your larger plants as these will always require water sooner.

7. Ensure you only add well balanced mineral fertilisers to Reservoirs – NEVER – use organic fertilisers as they will block the AquaValve pipe work and nozzles.

* If you choose to use a organic fertiliser then only plain water should be used in reservoir and any organic feeds should be poured into each pot.

8. When it’s time to flush – just simply use plain water in the reservoir for 10 – 14 days. Do not pour plain water into pots – this will only cause a salt build up pouring water into pots may damage the roots due to the toxicity of the salt build up at the top of the growing medium – which you will be then forcing down into the root system.

AutoPot Tips


Fertilisers: When adding mineral fertilisers to your make sure the reservoir tap is OFF, whilst you mix the solution. Then check the ph and accord as necessary and leave for up to an hour for the reservoir sediment to settle and then switch back ON the tap. And NEVER mix fertiliser brands.

Refilling: Make sure you there is always ¼ of the water/solution left in the reservoir when re-filling – and never let if run empty.

Filters & Pipework: Always check water filters every 2/4 weeks and clean if necessary. To keep pipework clean open the taps into a bucket for 2 minutes, and this will clean the pipework removing any sediment – do this once a week if using mineral nutrients or every 2/3 weeks if using just water.

Avoid Cold Floors: Never put Autopots on COLD floors – the low temp will radiate into trays and cool water. Use polystyrene under pot trays to avoid this.

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XL AutoPot 12 Pot Kit


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