XL 36 Pot 30L EasyFeed System with 550L Camo Tank

XL 36 Pot 30L EasyFeed System with 550L Camo Tank


XL 30L EasyFeed System with Camo Tank brings you patent pending irrigation technology – created specifically for soil and coco coir growers available in 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16, 24, 36, 48, 60, 80 & 100 pot versions.

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Details XL 30L EasyFeed System with Camo Tank Product Details: Offering you patent pending irrigation technology the EasyFeed system requires no electricity or water pumps. Created for soil and coco coir growers the system uses 16mm feed pipe to ensure no clogging up of the system – as it feeds your plants nutrients. The EasyFeed system uses the bottom feeding technique – this means that water is absorbed through your growing media and then continues on to the roots. Via the process of osmosis plant roots absorb enough water to find their correct absorption rate they will slow down. This will assist you in knowing how much water your plants actually need and consume overtime. Camo Water Tank The Camo Tank is new from Alien Hydroponics and is fully collapsible camouflage patterned water tanks, that are supplied with a solid super strong frame – that will provide additional support the water when full, giving you total piece of mind. With convenient port positions for hoses or pipes to go in and out of the tank, making it perfect for all types of hydroponic systems. EasyFeeed Water Timer & Fabric Pots Easy and simple to use your plants are feed via the battery operated EasyFeeed Water Timer – that you can set at any watering frequency from hours to days or even once week. Consistent feeding allows the media to dry out inside the breathable EasyFeed Fabric Pots – which will air prune roots – which will increase root zone plus: Increase oxygen to root zone Removes heat from root zone Encourages root to grow downwards Recyclable and reusable EasyFeed System setup All XL 30L EasyFeed Systems Kits contain pots modules for each pot which consist of : 1x Small Easyfeed Tray, 1x 16ltr Easyfeed Fabric pot, 1x Easyfeed Float, 1x Easyfeed lid, 1x Easyfeed Hose Tail, 1 x meter of Easyfeed pipe and 1x Easyfeed Tee piece. Once your pot modules have been assembled and piping, pots can be filled with your chosen media. Connect your EasyFeed Water Timer to your Camo Tank and set timer for watering intervals – and let the system to the rest. Offering you unlimited layouts and plus ability to add more pots when required buy purchasing individual modules.


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