Ultra Vivid 600W Metal Halide


Exclusively designed to use in the growth phase of your plants

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Ultra Vivid 600W Metal Halide

Ultra Vivid Metal Halide lamps have been exclusively designed to use when growing plants.  The light provided by these metal halide lamps is of the correct blue spectrum needed to grow healthy plants.

Metal halide lamps are designed to mimic the amount of blue light that plants would usually get from the spring / early summer sun, and they are intended for use during the vegetative stages of the plant growth cycle and for mother plants.

The 600W Ultra Vivid metal halide grow lamps are rated 4200K (Kelvins).  Each produces plenty of that all-important plant usable blue spectrum light for optimum growth and performance.

Many professional growers use a mixture of metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps in their grow rooms.  A set-up like this will often obtain great results, with plants having access to an abundance of usable light to ensure strong, healthy, vigorous growth.

  • Power: 600W
  • Input Voltage:220-240v
  • Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Lumen Output: 54000lm
  • Colour Temperature: 4200k
  • Lifetime: 6000 hours
  • Fitting E40


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