Sunmaster 600W Dual Spectrum Lamp


Delivers 10% more light than standard HPS lamps

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Sunmaster 600W HPS Dual Spectrum Lamp

The Sunmaster 600W HPS dual spectrum grow lamp puts out both red spectrum and enough blue spectrum light to be used as a sole light source throughout all stages of growing.  This eliminates the need to buy separate metal halide and HPS lamps for the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth.

Sunmaster grow lights in particular are specifically tailored for the horticultural market and are some of the best lamps around for growing purposes.  Their range of dual spectrum lamps are an economic and easy to use solution for growers. 

This Sunmaster 600W HPS dual spectrum features:

  • Photonic enhanced spectral stability at lower and overdriven power levels
  • Sunmaster lamps are proven to give excellent results in commercial greenhouses and hydroponics
  • Delivers 10% more light than standard HPS lamps
  • Provides more energy essential for optimised photosynthesis
  • Fully compatible with magnetic and digital ballasts
  • Energy efficient avoiding excess heat generation
  • Output of 90,000 lumens
  • Suitable for veg and flower stages


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