Square Root Mass Fabric Pots


Available in 1L, 2L, 11L, 17L, 26L, 37L and 56L sizes

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Square Root Mass

Square Root Mass Pots are extremely versatile working well with drip lines or hydroponic flood trays providing consistent air pruning of roots giving plants optimum root aeration meaning your plants will mature quicker and yield more

Root Mass are perfect for growing your favourite crops to their full potential and beyond plants will benefit from

  • Fibrous Root Structures
  • Quicker Growth Rates
  • Higher Yields

Available in various sizes

  • 1L – dimensions: 8cm*9cm*15cm
  • 2L – dimensions: 9cm*9cm*19cm
  • 11L – dimensions: 24cm*24cm*21cm
  • 17L – dimensions: 28cm*28cm*26cm
  • 26L – dimensions: 31cm*31cm*29cm
  • 37L – dimensions: 33cm*33cm*29cm
  • 56L – dimensions: 38cm*38cm*39cm


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