RLC-1 Digital Lighting Controller

RLC-1 Digital Lighting Controller


Automatic SMART technology from Revolution giving you maximum control in your grow room environment.

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Details RLC-1 Digital Lighting Controller Product Details: The state of the art SMART product from Revolution – the RLC-1 Digital Lighting Controller. With a sleek, attractive and robust design the controller working alongside the Revolution DEva 1000w DE – provides both sunrise and sunset settings to simulate Mother Nature. The SMART controller captures incoming data on lamp life, power, blackouts/brownouts and voltage changes – via a built in clock which has a 30 year rated battery backup. With the ability to control up to 512 Deva 1000w grow lights in 2 zones via standard telephone cables – this is real value for money! Should temperatures in your grow space – get too high the RLC-1 Digital Lighting Controller – will automatically respond and dim the lamps – which will avoid crop and stress damage to your crop. In addition to this you also can fine tune the output power from 600W – 1150w in 1% increments. SMART technology – should grow room temperatures rise your lights will be automatically dimmed No start-up surges – uses intelligent lamp – re-ignition Control up to 512 x Revolution DEva 1000w DE Grow Lights in 2 zones Zone A and B can control 256 lights simultaneously Protective and flexibly control of your grow room 30 year rated battery backup – on built in clock Manage your output power from 600W – 1150w in 1% increments Clean attractive, and robust design with clear easy to program display  


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