Maxi CO2 Sensor

Maxi CO2 Sensor


CO2 Carbon Dioxide sensor for use with the Dimlux Maxi Controller.

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Details Maxi CO2 Sensor Product Details: The Maxi CO2 Sensor provides accurate measurements of the CO2 content in your grow room. Then using the Maxi CO2 regulator it ensures that carbon dioxide is released according to how much CO2 is actually required, maintaining optimal levels at all times. The built-in light sensor will even let the system know when the lights are off, ensuring that CO2 is only distributed when necessary for the process of photosynthesis. Accurate measurement of CO2 concentration Precise CO2 dosing at the correct ppm Quick and easy installation Built-in light sensor for shutdown during lights off Powers the separate Maxi CO2 Regulator Simple calibration using fresh air from outside Ideal for closed loop systems such as the Opticlimate


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