Large 8x18L Wilma Kit

Large 8x18L Wilma Kit


The 8 Pot Wilma System (large) is a completely automated drip feeding system. The Large 8 pot kits are available in 11 or 18 litre pot variations and feature a 120 litre nutrient reservoir.

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Details 8 Pot Wilma System (large) Product Details: The 8 Pot Wilma System (large) is a completely automated drip feeding system that consists of a 120 Litre nutrient reservoir with a planter table and either 8x11L or 8x18Lpots sat on top of it. Also included is a pump and dripper assembly that when engaged will feed your plants with the run off returned to the reservoir by the planter table. Wilma drip feeding systems are incredibly versatile as you can grow traditionally with pots and soil or coco or you can turn it into an active drip and drain hydroponic system utilizing clay pebbles. If using clay pebbles treat the Wilma as a re-circulating hydroponic system and top up the tank every few days with half strength nutrient solution. If using an absorbent medium – like soil, coco or rockwool – treat the Wilma as a dripper system with a catchment tank. The aim is to minimise run off and top up the tank with full strength nutrient solution. With the Large 8-Pot Wilma drip feeding system you can grow in a variety of medium, you just need to make sure to use the appropriate drippers. The Large 8-Pot Wilma System comes with two drippers 2lph arrow black drippers and 40lph blue flood stake drippers: Arrow Drippers – Can be used with Soil, Coco or Rockwool but not with clay pebbles. Feeding times will vary, if these drippers are on for 15 minutes they will put out 500ml of nutrient solution so during vegetative growth once a day would be sufficient. As plants gain in size and you begin flowering you would need to up the amount of feeds to twice maybe three times a day depending on plant size. Flood Stake Drippers – Are designed to be used with Clay Pebbles. When first introducing plants to the wilma system set your drippers to come on for 15 minutes every 6 hours but after a week or two once your plants have established you will need to up your feeding as your plants increase in size. You cannot over feed your plants with clay pebbles as they don’t retain much moisture so always try and feed them a little more than they need. In full flower when your plants are at full size you want to be feeding for 15mins every two to three hours.


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