IWS RDWC 8 Pot – No Tank

IWS RDWC 8 Pot – No Tank


RDWC take IWS deep water culture growing to the next level with newly designed buckets, larger pipework and recirculation capability which all adds up to one of the most effective systems available.

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Details IWS RDWC Standard Kits – No Tank Product Details: IWS RDWC systems represent the next generation of deep water cultivation. The big difference between RDWC and the previous DWC systems is that they recirculate the nutrient solution to keep the EC and PH more stable whilst also helping to prevent pythium and root borne pathogens. IWS RDWC also now feature 25mm pipework and in and out holes on each pot to increase the flow of water and the newly designed square oxypots vastly improve drainage. IWS RDWC is available in three variations: Standard Kits – No reservoir tank requires regular topping up to maintain a good level of nutrient solution. Pro FlexiTank – A large flexible water tank tops up the system automatically. Pro Solid Tank – A large solid water tank tops up the system automatically.   Deep Water Culture is a method of growing whereby the roots are submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution which causes rapid growth rates. It has been a highly popular system that has now been updated by IWS who have made many improvements to further drive up yields and make the system even more efficient. Due to the fact it now recirculates it can also be connected to a chiller more efficiently than with previous versions of the system giving growers with a challenging environment further piece of mind. Please note water pumps and air stones are not included, and need to be purchased separately.


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