Gro-Tank GTM2 NFT Kit

Gro-Tank GTM2 NFT Kit


One of the largest systems in the GT range, suitable for 5 to 16 plants and would require a 600 watt or 1000 watt light to cover it.

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Details Gro-Tank GTM2 NFT Kit Product Details: The Gro-Tank GTM2 NFT Kit is the one of the largest systems in the GT range and is suitable for 5 to 16 plants and would require a single 600 watt light to cover it. The nice thing about the GTM2 is that it is a square shape which gives you a lot of space on the planter table. The GTM2 is an all in one hydroponic system that comes complete with: 100 Litre tank NFT top-tray Corriboard top-plate MJ1000 water pump and fittings Spreader Mat PHdown PH test kit The Gro Tank GTM2 NFT systems are self-contained kits containing everything you’ll need to get going. NFT is one of the easiest and purest hydroponic techniques, that requires very little maintenance and a minimum of growing media. If you’ve never tried NFT you will be amazed at the difference with this system, plants grow at incredible rates and are very green and healthy. Below is a video showing how to set up a Gro Tank NFT system. The video shows the GT424 NFT but the approach is the same regardless of which size Gro Tank system you purchase:


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