Enforcer Adjust-A-Wings Reflector

Enforcer Adjust-A-Wings Reflector


The Enforcer Adjust-A-Wings Reflector is an advanced parabolic reflector that maximizes downward light reflection whilst smoothing out hot spots.

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Details Enforcer Adjust-A-Wings Reflector Product Details: The Enforcer Adjust-A-Wings Reflector offers three wing positions using it’s reflective hammer tone finished it provides 86% reflectivity. Competitively priced making it the perfect entry level advanced parabolic reflector – that will outperforms competitors, as it is designed to maximise downward light reflection whilst smoothing out hot spots. Enforcer Adjust-A-Wings Reflectors will provide you will the power to adjust your reflector to meet your plants growth mimicking the seasons of Mother Earth perfectly: Vegetative – The Enforcer Adjust-A-Wings Reflector – should be adjusted to the narrow setting, this will encourage uniform growth and provide even light patterns with little to moderate intensity as in the season of spring. Flowering – Adjusting the reflector to a wide setting to trigger the flowering phase. Plants will receive a light deep into foliage with a high intensity – perfectly emulating the summer temperatures. Maturing – Using the medium wing setting will allow you to enhance the oils, aroma and flavours present in your plants as they gradually reach harvest time. The Enforcer Adjust-A-Wings Reflector is a solid investment for any grower, featuring the below benefits: Parabolic lighting reflector providing 86% reflectivity Provides double the efficiency and power of most other reflectors Glass coated super alloy & corrosion resistant


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