Ecothrive Coco Pro 50 Litre


Now you can buy it pre-mixed at the ideal at 175g/50L bag of Ecothrive Coco Pro

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Ecothrive Coco Pro- 50 Litre

Ecothrive Coco Pro with Charge is a top tier coco that’s pre-mixed with Ecothrive Charge, our top-selling organic additive!  Now you can buy it pre-mixed at 175g/50L bag of Ecothrive Coco Pro.  Ecothrive Charge is 100% organic adding all the beneficial bacteria, chitin and nutrients to coco coir and you have the perfect pre-mix medium.  There’s no measuring, no mixing and no getting messy with Charge anymore.  You’ll save tons of time & energy every time you pot up.  Ecothrive Charge is 100% organic, made from the droppings of organically reared mealworm larvae.  It’s bursting with beneficial nutrients, bacteria and chitin.

Ecothrive Coco Pro 50 Litre Benefits

You will benefit from stronger healthy plants that are more resilient to pest and diseases plus

  • No more measuring or mixing of Charge
  • Mixed to the ideal (175g/50L bag of Ecothrive Coco Pro)
  • Contains nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium (NPK – 3/2/3)
  • Contains Microorganisms & Micro nutrients
  • Rooting conditions improved
  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Fully buffered Premium Quality Coco Coir
  • Final strength of 6 CF / 0.6EC (mc/cm)
  • Perfect for drip irrigation or hand watering
  • Boosts pest resistance & increases nutrient uptake (contains Chitin)

Note:  You may notice some non-edible mushrooms growing in your coco, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.

How To Use

  • Work the coco through your hands to break up the lumps
  • Feed plants nutrients from day 1
  • Always use a coco feed
  • Start with a low CF of 6 – 12, EC 0.6 – 1.2
  • For best results, add Ecothrive Biosys every time you pot on, and every 1 – 2 weeks after


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