Defender Adjust-A-Wings Kit 315w CMH

Defender Adjust-A-Wings Kit 315w CMH


The Defender Adjust-A-Wings Kit 315w CMH is an advanced parabolic reflector that maximizes downward light reflection whilst smoothing out hot spots.

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Details Defender Adjust-A-Wings Kit 315w CMH Product Details: Your plants will receive only optimal light from the Adjust-A-Wings Defender Reflector. Using its heat resistant powder coated titanium white surface the Defender Reflector gives 92% reflectivity whilst providing an even light footprint. Constructed from H18 aluminium (3% magnesium), making it strong but flexible to create perfect parabolic curves. With three configurable wing positions, you can easily adjust the reflector to meet your plants particular growth stage and Mother Nature’s seasons: Vegetative – The Defender Adjust-A-Wings Reflector – should be adjusted to the narrow setting, this will encourage uniform growth and provide even light patterns with little to moderate intensity as in the season of spring. Flowering – Adjusting the reflector to a wide setting will trigger the flowering phase. Plants will receive a light deep into foliage with a high intensity – perfectly emulating the summer temperatures. Maturing – Using the medium wing setting will allow you to enhance the oils, aroma and flavours present in your plants. As plants respond to the autumn wing setting they will naturally ripen as they approach harvest time.  The Defender Adjust-A-Wings Reflector is a solid investment for any grower, featuring the below benefits: Parabolic lighting reflector providing 92% reflectivity Provides double the efficiency and power of most other reflectors Glass coated super alloy & corrosion resistant


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