Combi 12 Pot System

Combi 12 Pot System


The Green Man Combi Systems combine flood and drain, aeration drippers and DWC – perfect for growing very large plants. Features large 40 Litre pots and can easily be expanded by adding more combi pots.

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Details Green Man Combi Systems Product Details: The Green Man Combi Systems cleverly combines three hydroponic styles of growing: flood and drain, aeration drippers and DWC (deep water culture) – this combination equates to super sized, gigantic results. The Green Man system uses air to move water through the pumping column whilst oxygenating each 40 Litre pot. The Green Man Combi System Features: Massive air to water ratio Very easy to setup Strong large vigorous yields Constructed of light weight durable material Root access via inspection lid Green Man Combi System Design Benefits: Green Man 40 Litre pots not only look good but are specially designed with features such as: heels on buckets stopping them from every resting directly on the floor – slopping bottoms ensuring that every drop is drained during a water change, a fill line indicator and a useful inspection cap which also aids in releasing warm gasses preventing root issues. Every pot has a 100mm pocket that will house the air stone securely in position and corner channels to secure airline preventing it from kinking. The top basket is white in colour to reflect heat and light – multiple drainage holes prevent blockages that may occur due to rapid growth – unique groove system ensures large plants have a firm grip. Keeping your nutrient solution aerated and fresh is achieved by a drip watering ring and air stone which continuously maintains a high water to air ratio in the root system. Recommended Substrate for the Green Man Combi System: We recommend using clay pebbles or Growstones to fill the basket lids with the Green Man Combi setup.


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