Alien PRO RDWC 6 x 34L Pot System with 50cm Spacing

Alien PRO RDWC 6 x 34L Pot System with 50cm Spacing


Alien Hydroponics Pro RDWC 6 Pot system with 50cm spacing incorporates huge 34L buckets and massive 100mm wide pipework. Large root space and unrestricted recirculation maximises the potential for the largest yielding plants to be grown hydroponically. Alien System footprint only 200 x 90cm.

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Details Alien Hydroponics PRO RDWC 6 x 34L Pot System with 50cm Spacing Product Details: Introducing the new Alien Hydroponics ™ RDWC PRO 6 x 34L Pot System. Uses the same proven negative pressure recirculating method as the other Alien RDWC systems yet takes this technology a step further by super sizing to 34 litre pots and massive 100mm piping. RDWC PRO Systems come ready for use with a chiller, we would strongly recommend using one so your nutrient solution is maintained at the correct temperature. The Alien RDWC PRO System is supplied as a complete kit with everything you need including air pump and water tank. We will also include enough growing medium to fill you net pots free of charge, just let us know if you would like some clay pebbles or growstones. When it comes to selecting nutrients and additives to use in the Alien RDWC Pro we recommend using one suitable for recirculating hydroponics, stick to mineral feeds and avoid ones made from organic material. All Alien Hydroponics ™ RDWC PRO Systems are made to order in the UK by Alien Hydroponics. Systems can take up to 24hrs to be manufactured once ordered. Alien Hydroponics offer a unique service that allows you to have the RDWC Pro system tailored to your growing space, simply contact us with your measurements. Benefits of using the Alien Hydroponics RDWC PRO 34L Pot System: System Footprint only 200 x 90cm. Easy to clean pots and 100mm pipe Low Maintenance, just keep tank topped up Easy to set up, break down and expand Very little medium used Easy to drain down Chiller Ready Alien Hydroponics RDWC Pro Kit Includes: 6 x 34ltr Pots with lids 100ltr Ripstop flexible tank XP40 Air Pump 40L per hour 6 x 150mm Net Pots 100mm pipe and connectors including spanner Inlet and outlet manifolds Norres PRO-Air Diffuser 6 x Air Stones 4mm, 13mm, 19mm Pipe and fittings Header Pot including float valve and filter. Instructions


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