Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Super Spreaders


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Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer MEDIUM Super Spreader

Why Use A Super Spreader?  To get an even canopy and bigger overall yield.  With most reflectors bright hot spots build up under your lamp. Plants closest to your lamp grow towards the light and heat.  The taller central plants cast a shadow over the shorter plants nearby, restricting their access to light and heat.  This stunts their growth and limits your overall yield.  With A Super Spreader you won’t get any bright hot spots – light and heat is spread out evenly.  All plants grow at a similar rate, and you’ll get a much bigger final yield.  By spreading light and heat out, you can bring your light much closer to plants without burning or stretching.  You can bring your light much closer to plants Prevent stretching & burning canopy Get an even canopy and bigger yield.


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