750w DE AdjustAWings Hellion Defender Lighting System

750w DE AdjustAWings Hellion Defender Lighting System


State of the art lighting is provide by the 750w Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Defender Lighting System, using 400V Technology the flexible provided 25% higher output using a 750w Doubled Ended Lamp.

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Details 750w Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Defender Lighting System Product Details: The 750W Hellion System will enable you to get 25% higher output from your 750W DE HPS Lamp. With 200cm of headroom height these state of the art Adjust A-Wings Defender Reflectors will enable the grower to emulate the seasons spring, summer & autumn – using the 3 wing positions, 5 lamp heights plus the dimmable ballast can run Lamps at 450, 600 and 750 watts. Delivering only a true spectrum due to the ballasts super high frequency – 400V, giving you fantastic results. 750w Hellion Lighting System comes complete with: 750W Hellion Ballast (dimmable, digital, 400V) 750W HPS Lamp (double ended) Adjust-A-Wings Defender Reflector Lamp Adaptor & Super Spreader Hanging Rail 750w Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Avenger Lighting System Features & Benefits No more bright hot spots when your light is closer to plants Growing Area under lamp increased by up to 75% Excellent Par Output at 400V frequency Easy setup and installation High quality Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflector 95% reflective proprietary textured German aluminium Dimmable Ballast Adjustable Reflector & Lamp creates ‘seasonal’ conditions Yield increase per Lamp up to 50%. Reducing heat and saving power Flexible Layout – due to design enabling the ballast to be inside or outside grow area Uses high quality Double Ended Lamp Technology providing optical efficiency and uniformity.   Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors in the global market Increase the growing Area under each lamp by up to 75% Increase Yield per Lamp up to 50%. Reduce heat, Save power A wide range of settings available with all models Adjust the Reflector & Lamp settings to create ‘seasonal’ conditions


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