600w Omega Digital Grow Light Kit

600w Omega Digital Grow Light Kit


600w Omega Digital Grow Light Kit consisting of Omega Digital Ballast, Omega 600w HPS Dual Spectrum Lamp and Eurowing Reflector – at an affordable price.

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Details 600w Omega Digital Ballast Lighting Kit The complete lighting system kit consisting of Omega Digital Ballast, Omega 600w HPS Lamp and Eurowing Reflector 600w Omega Digital Ballast For maximum yields, the 600w Omega Digital Ballast will deliver! Offering you a dimmable power output to the bulb, which will protect the grow lamps lifetime whilst assisting to reduce power consumption – making it super efficient. Choose from 4 settings: 250w, 400w, 600w and 660w super lumen’s – and ensure that your garden has exactly the amount of light required at various growth and development.  Features 10% Extra lumens output Uses soft start technology, with no lamp flicker or noise 30% More efficient than magnetic ballasts Compatible with HPS and Metal Halide Lamps 5 Year Guarantee 600w Omega Black HPS Lamp Omega Black HPS Lamps are designed to provide more usable lights to your plants using two ceramic tubes in the 600w HPS Lamp that ensures optimal light output. These are Dual Spectrum Lamps meaning they are perfect for both vegetative growth and flowering as they emit both blue spectrums and red spectrums. The lamp’s design means a reduction in heat – with no negative effects on the lifespan of the lamps. Providing your plants a lower growth temperature will also increase your yields at harvest time. Other benefits of the Omega Black 600w HPS Lamp include: Dual Spectrum Veg & Flower Lamp 95,000 Lumens output Lifetime: 24,000hrs Eurowing Reflector Offering value for money the Eurowing Reflector provides your plants excellent light dispersion, less hot-spots and more reflectivity – using its v-ridge design and dimpled silver wings. Easy to hang via 2 eye holes – the Euro Reflector’s ceramic lamp holder offers heat resistance and other benefits include: Provides even light dispersion Generates fewer hot-spots More light reflectivity Solid Ceramic E40 Fitting Dimpled silver wings for maximum reflectivity


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