600w ipac Aerotube Sunmaster Kit

600w ipac Aerotube Sunmaster Kit


Complete lighting system featuring an iPac ballast, Sunmaster Grow Lamp and air cooled aerotube Reflector. Available in 400w, 600w and 1000w.

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Details Aerotube iPac Lighting Kits Product Details: Complete lighting system consisting of an iPac ballast, Sunmaster Grow Lamp and Air cooled aerotube Reflector. This kit is available in 400w, 600w and 1000w versions. Aerotube Reflector: The PowerPlant AeroTube is the latest inline air cooled reflector. When used in conjunction with ducting and fans, this innovative product allows air to flow through the reflector, thus helping to control the environment temperature. The PowerPlant comes in 3 sizes (125mm, 150mm and 200mm) and features an integral lamp holder along with a 2 part external reflector and a 4m IEC cord set. Multiple shades can be mounted in series with the use of either 125mm, 150mm or 200mm flexible aluminium ducting. We recommend up to three inline. The PowerPlant AeroTube Reflector has toughened glass and has an external reflector for superior light output and spread. Sunmaster HPS Sodium Grow Lamp: Sunmaster HPS Sodium bulbs are excellent all round lamps suitable for growing and flowering your plants with. Sunmaster lamps differ slightly from the competition as they have a higher amount of blue spectrum light which makes them better for use during the vegetative phase of plant growth than their rivals. Sunmaster sodium bulbs will not outperform metal halide lamps in vegetative growth but if you don’t have the luxury of swapping bulbs over they will perform better than almost all the competition in this stage. iPac Ballast: Maxibright iPac ballasts are metal cased units built to the highest standards using Venture control gear. The Maxibright Ipac ballast benefits from outstanding build quality and superior components to produce one of the finest non digital ballasts available. Easily wall mountable Smart ignitors are timed to protect against lamp failure Thermal cutouts to protect against short circuits CE certified and Guaranteed against defects for 3 years   iPac Ballasts are incredibly reliable but should yours develop a problem they also contain safety features like thermal cut outs and smart ignitors so the ballast will turn off long before anything dangerous like a fire can happen.


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