1000W LOADSTAR Digital SE Kit with Euro Reflector


• Loadstar 1000W SE Digital Ballast

• Loadstar 1000W SE Dual Spectrum Lamp

• Loadstar Euro Reflector

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1000W Load Star Digital SE Kit with Euro Reflector

Load Star 1000W SE Digital Ballast

The bigger brother of the best selling 600W Loadstar Digital ballast! This reliable powerhouse runs single ended 1000W lamps and has multiple settings – 600W, 750W, 1000W and 1100W Boost.

Load Star Pro 1000W SE HPS Lamp

The Loadstar Pro 1000W HPS is for growers that really want some high output power from their lamps. The light output is predominantly red and yellow making it predominantly a flowering bulb for producing bumper crops.

Load Star Euro Reflector with 5M Cable

The Loadstar Euro Reflector is our most popular reflector thanks to its affordability. The Euro Reflector has a simplistic design – open ended with wide spread and made from incredibly reflective anodised aluminium, with the wiring at the back of the reflector housed in a sturdy junction box. These features result in fantastic plant growth making it a very popular choice.


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