1000W LOADSTAR Digital DE Kit with DE Euro Reflector


• Loadstar 1000W DE Digital Ballast

• Loadstar 1000W DE Dual Spectrum Lamp

• Loadstar DE Euro Reflector

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1000W Loadstar Digital DE Kit with DE Euro Reflector

Load Star 1000W DE Digital Ballast

Need to run a 1000W DE Lamp in your setup? Look no further! Paired with either a Loadstar DE Euro Reflector, or the Adjust A-Wings DE Large Defender Reflector, the Loadstar 1000W DE ballast is super efficient and gets the best out of double ended lamps.

Load Star Pro DE 1000W HPS Lamp

The Loadstar Pro 1000W 400v DE HPS Lamp can only be run in DE Lighting systems and will give a far greater output than that of a standard 1000W HPS SE Lamp. It delivers a broader spectrum of light and is more efficient than traditional HPS. 400v technology using 240v domestic mains supply.

Load Star DE Euro Reflector

The Loadstar DE Euro Reflector is the perfect entry level option for housing DE Lamps, whilst giving great reflectivity. Rated for running 1000W lamps, it’s the perfect partner to the Loadstar 1000W DE Ballast!


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